Blessing House
An Adult Care Home 
 Where Every Resident is a Blessing!

Blessing House began as a joint venture in 2008 and now is under the sole ownership of Steve and Corrine Isom.

Blessing House was originally our 2400 square foot home to which we added 1600 sf in 2008 to make it our new adult care home.  Blessing House is a home where your family becomes our family.  We will care for, protect, and love your family as if they were our own.  We have been doing this since October 2008 and have developed many wonderful relationships over this time.  We seek to provide a family feel to the home with meals taken family-style in our breakfast/dining nook and fun and games in the common room.  At Blessing House we consider every resident to be a blessing and a gift from God.  Our desire is to create a community of families who jointly care for their aged parents or spouses. 

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"Where Every Resident is a Blessing"