Blessing House Team

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The Team

We founded the home in 2008 and have grown over the years.  Now the team consists of Steve and Corrine Isom and our staff of 5 wonderful caring assistants.

     Corrine Isom

I was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada. 
I grew up in the Peac
e River country on a large farm near Fairview, Alberta.  After graduating from high school I went to college in Seattle where I got my man and my MRS degree.

A few years later I finished my education and began my nursing career in Manhattan, Kansas.  After 18 years in the Midwest we moved back to the Northwest to be closer to family.  I have lived in Tigard since 2002 and really enjoy living here because it is close to our 6 grandchildren.  I retired from my public professional life as a nurse at Providence St. Vincent after 30 years of nursing here and in the Midwest.

I especially enjoy gardening, quilting, spending time with the grandchildren, and occasionally catching a bigger fish than my husband.

     Steve Isom

I was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon and soon moved to the Willamette Valley to a farm near Albany.  I grew up on a small farm with a couple hundred acres and plenty of fun stuff to get into as a boy.  I am the S.N.O.B. (Society of Native Oregon Born) in the family. I began my education in a small country schoolhouse and graduated from Albany Union High School in 1969. 

After college in Seattle, where I met my wife I began ministry in Lake Grove, Oregon and then went to Tennessee for graduate school.  I preached there for 5 years while getting my Masters of Divinity and also served as a graduate teaching assistant.  From there I went to Kansas where I taught for 18 years in a small Bible college.  We moved to Seattle in 1997 where I continued to teach college for 5 more years. I have been serving since 2002 as a pastor in a local church and now am also working here at Blessing House.

I enjoy a lot of things, most of which are outdoors - fishing on my boat, hunting with my brothers, camping, reading, and spending time with my grandchildren.

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